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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mike Huckabee, Christian and Diane Sawyer

First let me say i do not like Mike Huckabee for President. He is far too open borders for me and I really think the guy that comes out strong on the illegals will be the one to win the election. But with that said lets move to my point. I woke up this morning and Diane Sawyer and Newt were on GMA today and Ms Sawyer was sitting there outraged the Mike Huckabee dared to say he is a Christian and she seemed to try to want to lead Newt down the road to say how he too was outraged. How dare he.

So here's my note for Diane Sawyer.

Ms. Sawyer although you want to tout how religiously diverse this country is and offer your shock that anyone would publicly identify themselves as christian, 90 percent of the country believes in God and 80 percent of the country identify themselves as christian. As the secular progressives, code words for AKA communists, what to try to strip our christian roots everyday, I applaud a person that is willing to stand up and say hey there I an Christian and it is the guiding principle of my life.

In a brief reminder of history, the new world was founded by Christians looking to escape persecution. This country's was fundamentally founded by Christians looking to escape the problems of the Catholic Church. It was Methodists, Lutherans and Quakers who founded this country and wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution which gives you the podiums for your outrage. They are not characters in the Davinci code, and a caricature on a oatmeal box. Oddly for a country who was founded to escape persecution we seem to want to forget that when we want to chide a Presidential candidate for identifying himself as one. Bet you were shocked at the latest Rasmussen pole that said 70 percent want to hear Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays.

In the end Ms. Sawyer the hand ringing that you were doing that Mr. Huckabee might offend someone is silly. He may offend 10 percent and frankly, that's odds i would take. The problem I see is the fact that you or any other person would even have an issue with someone running an add saying he is a Christian. If he said he was pro-choice or anti-gun he would of been a hero. But gasp, he's a Christian. What is this world coming to.

Bottom line, if you don't like don't vote for the guy. Shelve the outrage, his ad wasn't speaking to you anyway, or so it would seem.

And on a side note, good job Newt not answering her chiding remarks.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Single Darkest Day in the History of the US.

Today as I write is the darkest day in the history of America. I can no longer call it the United States, because frankly we aren't very united anymore. Today the congress, including the newly elected blue dog dems, have undercut and undermined the troops and in fact the once great United States of America.

As I sit here on this Friday night wondering what happened to my country. I for the life of me don't how the democrats don't understand what the realities of Iraq are. I don't understand how if I have known and fully understand that people are flooding into Iraq to meet our Army, keeping the war off the streets of America. I had wrote an article for this website almost 2 years ago that said the same thing. We put the Army in Iraq as a bulls eye. Anyone who doesn't understand that, I have to question their mental capacity to be a Congressmen.

This spin for the civil war is inaccurate. The media has demonstrated that they don't' even know who is on what side of the war. They fail to acknowledge that the Iran is sending weaponry into Iraq and that's some has ties to the government of the Iran.

I never thought we would ever see a day where the Congress of the US would ever publicly side with the enemy one that means us so much harm.

But here's my questions to those who voted against this. I doubt any will answer honestly but here they are.

1. Do you understand that Iraq is the 'battlefield' and every terrorist is meeting us there instead of here?
2. What actions do you plan to take when terrorists come to the shores of the US? Do you plan to protect us.
3. Having now turned your back on the soldiers and derailed the defenses of this country, how to you plan to keep us safe?

For every democrat that ran for congress saying they would not cut and run, I hope your constituents hold you accountable. They probably won't and that's the problem. They were willing to do anything to get in office even selling their own country and its defenses down the river.

I am ashamed of the congress. I am ashamed of the Media in the US who refuses to report the truth and I am ashamed of every citizen in this country that is to busy to find out the facts on their own and let these people into power. Most of all we have stood the war of the states, and communism and become the worlds lone superpower. We are being destroyed from with in.

I never did understand how the Germany Europe and the world did not see the evils of Hitler and how they just 'let him go' until a world war develop. Unfortunately we are watching it unfold in front of ours. Newt said it first and i will say it repeatedly. We were late to the last 2 world wars and first to this one. Its really sad that our congress doesn't understand that in the quest to hate Bush and pull the rug out from under him, they have pulled the rug out from under him, the military, the security of the public at large and most of all they have pulled the Constitution out from under the foundation of the country.

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